Wellbeing Training

Corporate Program

5 days | Mallorca

Re-energizing your Wellbeing Skills

Well-being Training Program

Get involved in our 5 days intensive program with focus on re-energize, unlock, empower, develop and apply your wellbeing skills to manage in VUCA environment at your daily life and your company.

First day
Your training begin with Virtual Reality exercise under supervised guidance. Disconnect before start re-energizing process through Behavioural sciences. We focus to introduce you about how to switch off before train your well-being skills.
First day
Second day
Self-Knowledge to trust and inspire. Wellbeing and healthy behaviours must be our drivers for personal development and rise up in organisations.
Mindfulness training and 2 hours mentoring workshop on your undiscovered skills.
Second day
Third day
As we move fast to changing environments, internal / external conflict decisions needs to find neutral points. Objective: Empower resilience and self-efficacy
Third day
Fourth day
Unconscious choices impact our future. Outdoor activity with Learning by doing methodology. Develop your master plan to inspire purpose in your team.
Fourth day
Fifth Day
Implementation of past days learned lessons. Deploying leading abilities to design scenarios, internal reactions and external impacts.
Evening: Sailing. Learn how to manage free will with responsibility for your team.
Fifth Day


Most frequent questions and answers
  • You are a resolute leader, manager or executive in a company involved in strategic decisions.
  • VUCA environment has accelerated organizational changes, digital adoption and your company need 100% of you capabilities to generate value.
  • Wellbeing training is part of the new demands of business in our multiconnected digital era. You need to connect your professional competencies to your soft skills to empower your organisation to thrive front actual challenges.
  • 4 hours daily of training exercises.
  • 1 daily activity. “Divingness”, Sailing, Tenis, hicking. 
  • Professional monitoring with wellbeing health professionals and digital platform.
  • We provide assistance with transportation from your location.
  • PCR / other test required.
  • Transportation Airport – Sóller – Airport.
  • 7 nights Hotel / Eco-Hostel.
  • Breakfasts, lunches and dinners included
  • All activities in the agenda.
  • Professionals involved in everyday trainings.
  • 3 months mentoring services.

* If you want to spend more days in Mallorca, we help you with official agencies.

Wellbeing Training Program is located in Sóller (Balearic Islands, Spain). All activities are developed in the area between Sóller, Fornalutx, Deià and Valldemossa.


Cibersalud & Digital Wellbeing SL. is an international research and development company, based in Mallorca, with expertise in personal development and social-digital transformation with 20 years of worldwide experience.

We offer this re-skilling service centered in your background and expertise to the world post-covid changing conditions.

Join us and discover places where along centuries the essence of nature and humankind has made possible to cross oceans when google doesn’t exist and your ability should be cultivated stronger than your handicaps.

Our value compromise, involve you through an specialised training where investing in yourself make the difference for your organisation and society. 

Why with us in Mallorca? different pathways drives to the same destination, to empower yourself with wellbeing skills is the way which involve and engage a team with purpose.